No antibiotics.  No hormones.




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Who are we?

We are a small Vermont company with over 40 years of experience in specialty foods. In 2018, we established Vermont Family Farms with a goal of utilizing our local distribution experience to help maintain Vermont’s agricultural landscape and support its hardworking farmers. With this in mind, we are dedicated to bringing you premium meats sourced entirely from family-operated farms in Vermont. We are in the process of building our family farm network and expanding our product line. Stay tuned!

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Our Commitment to VT

Our animals spend their entire lives in Vermont. They graze on green grass during the summer months and winter in Vermont family barns.

Vermont Family Farms shares a genuine

concern for our planet and the health of

our customers. We do not advocate for

people to eat more meat but hope

that those who elect to do so choose

a local source, sustainably raised

with concern for the environment

and the welfare of animals.


Available in:

introducing our

Organic Ground Beef

We are proud to introduce our organic, pasture-raised ground beef. It is responsibly sourced from family-owned Vermont farms and processed in our small-scale facility. No antibiotics, hormones, or flavor enhancers.

Quick Facts

What makes our beef different?

It starts with responsibility

We believe that we have a responsibility to both the animals we raise and the environment as a whole. With this in mind, Vermont Family Farms is committed to the practice of dual-purpose animal agriculture. We work with pasture-based dairy farmers in Vermont to re-purpose retired organic dairy cows. Our cows live long lives on Vermont farms where they graze on green grass during the summer and non-GMO organic grains in the winter. Vermont Family Farms is proud to complete these animals' journeys in a respectful and non-wasteful way. When they arrive at our small-scale facility, they are humanely processed into our organic ground beef.

Grown in VT

Check your labels. Some "VT beef" is grown in other places. Learn more.

Chemical Free

No antibiotics. No hormones.


No GMOs here.

Martin Family Farm, Williamstown, VT

Molly Brook Farm, West Danville, VT


Farming from the

our philosophy

Doing the job right requires hard work and isn’t always glamorous. But the producers we work with are proud to go the extra mile in order to treat their animals humanely, respect the environment, and produce a premium product.

As we continue in our search of partner farms,

we hold firm to our core belief:

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Our Roots

In 1979, Mark Curran & Steve Birge pioneered Vermont's local food movement when they formed Black River Produce, New England's premier supplier of locally-sourced food. From day one, Mark and Steve have been committed to working with and supporting small, family-run farms. They carry on this mentality today as they work to establish a viable meat economy within Vermont. 

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